About Strollo Architects

Founded in 1956, STROLLO ARCHITECTS, is one of the pre-eminent service-oriented design firms in the region. Our practice is based on technologically advanced, innovative, and cost-effective architecture and interior design for a demanding, visible, and quality-conscious clientele.

STROLLO ARCHITECTS, INC. has designed more than 4,500 commissions approaching 25 million square feet and valued at over $2.5 billion. Over 90% of these projects have been for clients with fiduciary responsibilities–Boards, Trustees, Directors, and Municipalities. Over the past several years, healthcare architecture has represented nearly 65% of our design work – resulting in Strollo Architects being ranked in the “Top 100 Healthcare Architects,” by Modern Healthcare Magazine for the past six years. Our service-oriented approach has resulted in a client return rate of over 90%.

STROLLO ARCHITECTS maintains a decades-long commitment of recruiting, training and equipping a talented and dynamic staff. In this manner we will continue to occupy a position as one of the region’s leading architectural and interior design firms.

STROLLO ARCHITECTS’ northern headquarters is in a 30,000 square foot renovated historical building in Youngstown, Ohio. Strollo Architects has 24 fully licensed CADD stations, and a broad range of architectural software, including 3-D modeling software, Revit.

STROLLO ARCHITECTS, Orlando, Florida, is owned and operated by J. Pat Strollo, Architect, since 1987 and is a nationally recognized firm that specializes in programming, master planning, design, and construction administration for corrections, public safety, criminal justice, courts, healthcare, schools/universities, and commercial projects.  Strollo Architects has extensive experience with new construction and renovation work related to systems and facility programming and planning for Federal, State, County, City Governments, Regional Authorities, and Native American Tribes throughout the United States.

Our role has been to facilitate and build consensus among the Gatekeepers, Stakeholders, and User Groups to develop a strong program that will lead to a facility this is exceptionally functional, energy efficient, easily operated and maintained, and designed to be easily adapted to future changing needs.  We have developed an in-house management system, incorporating the methodology of Value Engineering and close client and user group involvement, to support our client’s needs.  Our clients have consistently commended us for our responsiveness throughout all of our projects.