Ho-Chunk Nation Adult Healing Center and Comprehensive Master Plan, Black River Falls, WI

Ho-Chunk Nation • Black River Falls, WI

The Ho-Chunk Nation (HCN) has long recognized the need for a stand-alone center dedicated to the healing of Ho-Chunk members who have not found success with existing substance abuse treatment programs. To that end, the Nation has dedicated a 40-acre parcel of land in northern Eau Claire County to the development of a Healing Center.

The Strollo Team prepared a written Healing Center Program Plan based on the decision of a Steering Committee comprised of representatives from the Department of Health, Department of Social Services, Traditional Court, and Clan Mothers. The Strollo Team worked with the HCN’s Alcohol/Drug Program Services and Mental Health staff to develop a survey of past and current clients to gather input regarding what works and doesn’t work in their existing treatment programs.

The intended use and scope of services for the program design offered addresses a range of services from relatively short term to longer term support. Client success will be based on performance as opposed to time lines. Crisis management and relapse prevention are key, as is addressing the cycle of trauma and abuse. Ho-Chunk traditions and culture will be incorporated into every element of the program and the physical structure of the building. As well as healing, it should be a place for celebration and ceremony and a place where community members look forward to going, regardless of their own participation in healing care programs.

Of major importance to the Ho-Chunk Nation, will be the development of operational and capital cost estimates associated with all recommendations for program operations and for the Kijire Nagu facility. The facility planning option allows for great expansion in the number of potential participants and program types offered at Kijire Nagu. While the focus of this project was not to meet the needs of any group other than Ho-Chunk, planning and design will allow Kijire Nagu to be utilized by other consumers as bed space permits.