Alachua County Correctional Facility Jail Additions, Gainesville, FL

Alachua County • Gainesville, Florida

This Housing Unit was originally approved by the County Commissioners as a 168-bed Dormitory Unit. Once our design team lead by J. Pat Strollo began working with the Sheriff and her staff it was quickly learned that the approved facility was not what the Sheriff needed or wanted.  With the new information and the defined needs which included lock-down cells in order to free up beds in the existing jail.  This change found the need for the design team to present new information to the County Commissioners. Through the use of renderings and printed documentation the design team presented the Sheriff’s needs to the County Commissioners who approved the revised housing facility plan.  This hands-on approach lasted through the life of the project with the design team working closely with the Sheriff, Facilities, and Construction Manager Representatives, through each phase of the project that included programming, schematic design, design development, construction documents, and construction administration.

Strollo Architects began this project by programming for space needs, preparing conceptual construction costs and budgeting estimates, assisting with CM selection, developing a security concept, providing 3-D Modeling, preparation of design drawings and specifications, assisting with bid review and CM negotiations, developing furniture and equipment specifications and providing Contract Administration.