Alachua County Fire Station 25 Repair, Hawthorne, FL

Alachua County Fire Station 25 • Hawthorne, FL

Strollo Architects provided all Architectural and Engineering services required for the complete repair of the existing Fire Station located in Hawthorne, FL. The goal of this endeavor was to restore and repair or replace those components necessary to return the facility to an operating Fire Station for Alachua County. The station meets the four basic design considerations: multipurpose, response to the basic responsibilities of the facility, durability and the ability to maintain flexibility during its life.

Based on our structural investigations, this project entailed repairs to the existing thru-wall single wythe brick walls and added structure supporting the covered entry. Work also included:


  • Repairs to existing interiors including all restrooms
  • Replacement to all doors and windows including apparatus bay doors
  • Flooring removal with existing concrete floor ground and polished
  • Replacement of all plumbing fixtures
  • Replacement of all HVAC equipment and ductwork
  • Replacement of interior lighting
  • Replacement of kitchen cabinetry and appliances
  • New storage cabinets and bunkroom partitions
  • New back-up generator