Ashtabula County Jail Update Community Corrections Plan and Jail Needs Assessment, Jefferson, OH

Ashtabula County Jail • Jefferson, OH

In 2018, Strollo Architects provided a Comprehensive Master Plan report by working with the Local Corrections Planning Board (LCPB) to address and coordinate social service programs and justice services provided in Ashtabula County, OH.  During the planning process, the LCPB team members were engaged in the project to determine relevant issues, needs, concerns and identify problem areas to be addressed.

The planning document included the following:

• Collection of historical records database
• Assessment of the current jail to address current and future needs
• Recommendations to resolve, meet or overcome and identified problems, issues, gaps or needs
• Analysis of the jail population and bed space forecasts
• Space needs analysis
• Staffing and operational costs
• Development of options for new conceptual designs
• Analysis of the suitability for adaptive reuse of the existing building
• Site selections
• Cost estimates for new and renovated facilities
• Conceptual designs
• Operational overview