Burns Paiute Tribe Justice Alternatives and Wellness Center Comprehensive Master Plan, Burns, OR

Burns-Paiute Tribe • Burns, Oregon

The Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) was built on a thorough multi-faceted analysis of the Tribe’s current justice system, its social services, their behavioral heath care system, and plans for future community development.  The Master Plan serves as the basis for future actions relative to the Tribe’s own government run programs and assist in planning for growth for their community development and infrastructure.  As part of this project, BPT community members, staff, and Tribal Council met regularly with J. Pat Strollo and Tom Weber in order to provide historical perspective of the issues the BPT community was facing.

The Strollo Team presented long term options for BPT to develop community and government infrastructure in four primary areas.  All of the proposed programs and concepts presented were based upon innovative and advanced program and facility concepts, while incorporating Paiute values. Strollo Architects and JUSG provided the following services for this project:

  • Justice, Social Service, and Community Needs Assessment
  • Functional narrative
  • Operational space program
  • Program Design
  • Facility Concept Design service
  • Cost estimating
  • Site selection and site evaluation
  • Comprehensive Master Planning