Ho-Chunk Nation Juvenile Treatment Facility Master Plan, Black River Falls, WI

Ho-Chunk Nation • Black River Falls, WI

The Comprehensive Master Plan was built on a thorough analysis of the current justice system, future juvenile correctional system, and behavioral health care system.  The report serves as the basis for future actions relative to the Ho-Chunk Nation’s Juvenile Justice Programs.  The proposed program functions and alternative methods in providing for those needing correctional confinement and care will be based on traditional healing elements that the Ho-Chunk culture provides.

During the planning stage, it was widely supported to construct, operate, and name this juvenile place of healing consistent with Ho-Chunk culture and tradition and also consistent with the concepts that evolved during the planning for the adult Kijire Nagu.  With the continued development of the Juvenile Justice project, an expanded Kijire Village concept came about.  There will be multiple services both shared and provided separately to those adult and juvenile persons engaged there.  Programs will be specialized to gender, age groups, and specific cultures.  The name for this facility will be determined by the Ho-Chunk Traditional Court.  The programs and facilities that will serve juveniles are to be known as “Kijire Hoci”, which translates to “you have to help yourself house“.

This Comprehensive Master Plan is considered as a “roadmap” the Nation will utilize in developing the Kijire Hoci program and the Kijire Healing Village projects for the immediate future and for many years to come. The big vision is that Kijire Healing Village will be created with the idea it will serve adults and juveniles, and have multiple sub-set user groups across all age groups. The proposed juvenile complex will be designed with intake and release areas, male and female housing, including the supportive outbuildings of an energy plant, maintenance and receiving, administration, reception, kitchen and laundry services.