Lake Correctional Institute Mental Heath Facility, Clermont, FL

Florida Department of Corrections • Clermont, FL

This 153,400 SF project involved expansion and infrastructure improvements to new buildings on a 60-acre site enclosing an existing state prison. All site utilities, site security, all essential services, roads, parking and wetland mitigation areas were addressed in order to accommodate 472 new inmates and replace deteriorated existing systems. Additional facilities included:

  • 180-Bed Mental Health Facility (66,000 SF)
  • New Central Food Service Facility (16,000 SF)
  • Two (2) New Multi-Storied Housing Units (52,000 SF total)
  • New Multi-Purpose Building (14,400 SF)
  • Central Maintenance Building (5,000 SF)

Strollo Architects was responsible for the Design and Planning of the 180-Bed Mental Health Facility which includes a 30-Bed Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) and a 75 Bed Transitional Care Unit (TCU). The Facility provides crisis stabilization and transitional care to new commitments and other inmates referred from institutions around the state.

Strollo’s design included patient rooms, treatment rooms, time-out rooms, suicide isolation rooms, and day room areas which are readily observable from the nursing / security station. In addition, all of these rooms have maximum visibility, with upper parts of doors and windows made of security glass. The CSU and TCU areas are separated by a large nursing / security station, which maintains constant video monitoring and two-way communication of each of the 15 patient rooms.

The CSU is comprised of 15 individual patient rooms: water closet / lavatory, intercom, security windows. A large day room serves as a multi-purpose room for dining and group activities. Two suicide isolation rooms, one of which is equipped for four-point restraints, time-out, group therapy, medical / exam treatment, clean linen, soiled linen, and janitor’s closet rooms are included in the CSU. The TCU is comprised of three elements, each having a separate day room. The first element contains 25 patient rooms, a time-out room, two suicide isolation rooms, medical exam/treatment rooms, and a group therapy room. The second element includes 13 patient rooms, three 4-person rooms, a time-out room, and a group therapy room. The third element includes five patient rooms, five 4-patient rooms, and a time-out room.