Orange County Corrections Complex Master Plan, Orlando, FL

Orange County Corrections Complex • Orlando, FL

Strollo Architects is providing an updated Master Plan for Orange County Corrections located in Orlando, FL.   The Scope of Services includes the following Tasks:

Task 1:  Historical Records Database – Develop and organize a historical records database to be used as the basis for projections.

Task 2:  Inmate population and Bed Space Projections – Develop inmate population projections and bed space projections in five-year increments through 2025 utilizing the historical record database.

Task 3:  Operational Mandates and Guidelines – Review operational mandates and guidelines as it pertains to the State and national standards 9American Correctional Association, American Jail Association, Florida Model jail Standards, etc.) regarding the operation of the County Jail.  The review will also take a look at current staffing allocations by position and location, and total jail operating expenses by all labor and non-labor cost categories, current organizational structure and approach to management of the inmate population.

Task 4:  Space Needs Analysis – Develop a space needs analysis on the existing workspaces throughout the jail campus that includes utilization of workspace recommendations, forecasting future workspaces, and re-allocation of workspace.

Task 5: Facilities Condition Assessment – Perform a facilities condition assessment on the existing facilities to identify and determine their abilities to meet current and future capacity requirements to include, but not be limited to:  code analysis; and building assessments to focus on the general physical condition of each building and the operational conditions of the building systems.

The Orange County Corrections Complex Master Plan was completed in 2021.