Orange County Corrections Intake/Release, Mental/Medical and Courts Facility, Orlando, FL

Orange County Corrections Complex • Orlando, Florida

The new Intake/Release Center handles over 200 bookings per day, plus potentially 200 releases. The center is located in a central perimeter location for efficient accessibility and to enhance campus security. Medical functions include detoxification, recuperation, isolation or contagions, and adequate housing for frail and disabled inmates.

• 300,000 sq. ft., 556 Beds
• 28 functions in this facility
• New Intake/Release Center that included 3 Courts Facilities and a Video Visitation Center
• 100-bed Infirmary and Clinic with Acute and Sub-Acute Men’s and Women’s Units
• 200-bed Mental Health Facility that Included 40 Acute Beds for Men and Women and 160-bed Sub-acute for Men
• Mental Health Facility Designed within a Step-up Program to Re-integrate Patients Back Into Jail Population

This facility is showcased by the NIC as ‘Models of Well-Designed Corrections Facilities’ and is considered “one of the most efficiently designed and operated detention centers in the country.” Efficiencies resulted in ADP dropping from 5,000 to 2,300inmates

Strollo Architects received the Construction Owners Association of America (COAA) Project Leadership Award.