Orange County Corrections Video Visitation Center, Orlando, FL

Orange County Corrections Video Visitation Center • Orlando, FL

Strollo Architects provided Site Assessment, Planning, Programming, Pre-Design, Design and Construction Administration Services for this project. The facility began taking its first visitor appointments on January 7, 2003. The facility is capable of accommodating 1,000 visitors per day.

Before the completion of this new facility, all visitors were allowed within the secure perimeter of the main campus with visitation occurring in each individual housing building. Relocation of Visitation and Public Parking eliminated this security issue all together.  The Video Visitation Center is located across the highway from the main campus and allows inmates and families to visit without the public ever having to enter the main campus security perimeter.

The Video Visitation Center houses 120 carrels equipped with television screens and phones for easy communication between inmates and visitors. All main campus housing units have been retrofitted with the new start-of-the-art video equipment, which feeds through a “Hub Building” and then into the Video Visitation Center.

In addition, this facility also houses a security control room, staff offices, break area, arraignment viewing area for inmates families, outdoor seating, and children’s play area.