Osceola County Jail Needs Assessment Study, Kissimmee, FL

Osceola County Jail • Kissimmee, FL

In the fall of 2019, Osceola County and Strollo Architects entered into a contractual agreement for the “Osceola County Corrections Jail Needs Assessment”.  Project work was defined by the County’s Scope of Services in terms of 8 particular TASKS. Generally, its goal was to aid the County in being pro-active in addressing future needs at the Jail, focusing primarily on future inmate types and their profiles, operational needs, space requirements, and physical conditions of facilities. The Master Plan provides a number of action steps required to bring a full and complete transformation of the Osceola County Corrections campus, by replacing and updating key critical infrastructure, and providing new and adapted buildings that support the operation.

The 8 primary “TASKS” include:

• TASK A – Collection of Historical Data
• TASK B – Identification of Trends and Population Projections
• TASK C – Space Need Assessment
• TASK D – Facilities Condition Assessment
• TASK E – Facilities Options
• TASK F – Laundry, Kitchen, Intake Repurposing
• TASK G – Facilities and Campus Site Planning
• TASK H – Comprehensive Master Plan