‘Supergroup’ Draws on Experience

Architectural firms form company but remain separate. by Dan O’Brien

Three firms that in their own right have built long-standing reputations in the Mahoning Valley have joined forces and created an architectural “supergroup” that combines the resources, experience and expertise of each.

The principals of Strollo Architects Inc., BSHM Architects Inc. and Phil­lips Sekanick Architects Inc. last year incorporated as Axiom Architects LLC, a partnership designed to har­ness the talents of the 20 registered architects of the three firms to tackle projects that on their own would be difficult to secure.

“Each of us have specializations,” says Gregg Strollo, principal of Strollo Architects, Youngstown. Strollo’s firm has carved out a strong business in the health-care industry, while Phillips Sekanick has concentrated on projects related to retail, restaurant and commercial development. And BSHM over the years has earned a strong reputation in designing buildings for K-12 and higher education.

“We have a collection of folks who didn’t compete with one another in their field[s] of expertise,” Strollo says. “Now, collectively, we have a much broader portfolio.” The concept behind Axiom was to create a company that allows these firms to pursue projects together that before would have been considered out of reach for each individual busi­ness. (Continued)